"Trasnoche", apart from Ebred Reijnen and Santiago Cimadevilla, consists of the celebrated American pianist Mark Wyman, the outstanding Italian tangobassist Virgilio Monti and Elliot Muuses on the electric guitar.

"Trasnoche" has already found its own unique place in the established world of tango, with the common goal of performing new arrangements and compositions based or inspired mainly but not only on Argentine tango music.

Each of its members add their own special sound to an inspirational melting pot of passionate south American rhythms. Five accomplished musicians have come together and in that special "click" between people, talent and skills have managed to create a group that is experiencing a snow-balling career and who would love to take you with them on a magic ride of emotions and passion.

Bandoneon :   Santiago Cimadevilla
Violin : Ebred Reijnen
Guitar :  Elliot Muusses
Piano :  Mark Wyman
Contrabase :  Virgilio Monti

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